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Heading. Resume.

Heading. Objective.

To obtain a Web Developer position in Adelaide, South Australia.


Heading. Employment.

2002 - Web Developer, Kids Media Pty Ltd
Jul-Nov 2001 Tutor and Practical Supervisor, University of South Australia
- for course User Interfaces
Sep 1998 Practical Demonstrator, University of Adelaide
- for course Zoology II

Heading. Education.

2000 - 2001 University of South Australia
Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Science

User Interfaces : HD
Object-Oriented Data Modelling : HD
Database Technology : HD
Programming in Java : HD
Java Programming Laboratory : HD
Computer and Internet Technology : HD
Object-Oriented System Development : D
Mathematics for Computing : C

1998 - 1999 University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Science, Honours (Zoology)
Thesis: 'The incidence of embryonic haemoglobin and placental structure in three Australian reptiles.'
1995 - 1998 University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Science (Genetics & Zoology)
1994 Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)
Pianoforte Diploma - Associate of Music Australia (AMusA)
  Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)
Violin 6th grade - Honours
1991 - 1994 University of Adelaide
The Elder Conservatorium of Music
Single Study in Pianoforte - Teacher: Clemens Leske, Snr.
1990 - 1994 Marryatville High School

Heading. Work Experience.

Jan- 2002 Software Developer (Visual Basic 6), Telstra OnAir Networks SA & NT
- to bring several laborious, error-prone processes into one application that:
  • processes current Exchange data files and inputs selected data into MS Access
  • processes FASE results (analysis application that proposes changes to Cell Transmitter Frequencies) and inputs data into MS Access
  • outputs text files from MS Access into the format required by FASE
  • compares Exchange and FASE data and find differences between them
  • prompts the user for which proposed changes to retain from the FASE results
  • adds new Cells, Networks, and Exchanges to the system, updating several text files with the required data
  • provides a GUI for searching of Exchange and FASE database tables

Heading. Publications.

Witt, N.C. (2000). The incidence of embryonic haemoglobins and placental structure in three Australian reptiles. Australian Biologist 13(1).

Heading. Skills.

Web Development HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, ActionScript, Java, Visual Basic 6
Database Development Relational/OO/distributed design (including ER modelling), ADO, SQL, Data Modelling (UML)
Software Visual Studio, Access, Oracle, PhotoShop, Excel, Word, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Powerpoint, Director
Platforms Apple Macintosh, Windows, UNIX

Heading. Leisure Interests.

Personal web site development:

Reading, particularly the science fiction genre
Handycrafts, particularly embroidery, tapestry and teddy bear making
Watching movies and television, particularly the science fiction genre
Java programming
Orchestral member for several Gilbert & Sullivan productions and other amateur musical productions

Heading. Referees.

Please contact me for a list of referees.

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