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Index to the people, dragons, and other "characters" of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Note: All Locations are Holds except where indicated.

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Name Rank/
Location Dragon Firelizard/
S'bran rider Image. Benden Weyr. Kilminth   MH
S'gar watchrider Ruatha Dunluth   AW
S'gor * rider Image. Fort Weyr. Malth   M
S'goral rider, briefly stationed at Nabol Southern WeyrImage. High Reaches Weyr. Betunth   Dq
S'kedel * rider Image. Fort Weyr. Adath   M
S'lan rider Image. Benden Weyr. Binth   Df, Dq
S'lel rider, see Sellel Image. Benden Weyr. Tuenth   Df, Dq, MH
S'len young rider Image. Fort Weyr. Bigath   AW
S'ligar * rider, Weyrleader Image. High Reaches Weyr. Gianarth   M
S'loner rider, Weyrleader, father of F'lon Image. Benden Weyr. Chendith   MH
S'peren * rider, wingleader Image. Fort Weyr. Clioth   M, N
S'rond weyrling, watchrider Ruatha; Southern Weyr dragon   AW
S'tellan rider Image. Benden Weyr. Vickith   MH
Saday holder woodcarver Tillek     MH
Sal Pol's brother, runnerbeast-handler High Hill, Fort/Ruathan border     N
Saltor head guard Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Saneter Harper Telgar; Southern   bronze Dd, Ren
Sangel Lord Holder, spouse Marella South Boll     Dq, WD, Ren, AW, MH
Sanra supervisor of children in living cavern Image. Benden Weyr.     Dq, Ds1
Sara a youngster Southern     Ren
Saretta healer South Boll     MH
Scallak escort to herdbeasts for Toric KeroonBeastmaster; Southern     Ren
Scand * Masterhealer Ruatha     M
Sebell grandson Rantou; Journeyman/Masterharper, Robinton's second; spouse Menolly, children Robse, Lemsia, Olos South Boll; Harper Hall, Fort   Kimi Dq, WD, Ds2, Dd, Ren, AW, MH
Sedra "breeding" runner, older sister of Tenna ex- Station 97, Keroon     Run
Sefal healer Landing     AW
Sefran Journeyman Harper Harper Hall, Fort; Balen, Telgar     Ds2
Segoina Merelan's aunt South Boll     MH
Sejby, Nora ~ rider, Sean's wing Landing; Image. Fort Weyr. Tenneth   Ddawn
Sella Menolly's next-oldest sister Half-Circle Sea, Benden     Dq, Ds1
Sellel rider, see S'lel Image. Benden Weyr. Tuenth   Dq, MH
Semling, Hans ~ teacher, under 12's Landing     Ddawn
Semling, Peter ~ rider, from 2nd dragon impressions Landing; Image. Fort Weyr. Gilgath a fair Ddawn
Semment * Healer Great Reach     M
Sev Ritecamp MasterTrader Runner Station     MH
Sh'gall * rider, Weyrleader; later Wingleader (new Weyrleader G'drel) Image. Fort Weyr. Kadith   M, N
Shadder * Lord Holder Image. Benden Weyr.     M
Sharra Journeyman Healer, sister to Toric; spouse Jaxom, children Shawan, Jarrol Southern; Ruatha   Meer; Talla Dq, WD, Dd, Ren, AW
Shattuck, Bernard ~ Captain of the Mayflower Landing; Mayflower     Ddawn
Shawan son of Sharra & Jaxom, older brother Jarrol Ruatha     AW
Shelline dorm-mate Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Sherris Apprentice harper Harper Hall, Fort     Dd
Sheve a boy Nerat border     MH
Shonagar Craftmaster for voice Keroon; Harper Hall, Fort     Dq, Ds2, Dd, Ren, AW, MH
Shwartz, Heinrich ~ father Rudolph Shwartz Landing     Ddawn
Shwartz, Kurt ~ father Rudolph Shwartz Landing     Ddawn
Shwartz, Rudolph ~ aka Rudi; schook headmaster; sons Heinrich and Kurt Landing     Ddawn
Sifer Lord Holder Bitra     Dq, Ren, MH
Sifuentes, Bessie ~ unknown Karachi Camp     Ddawn
Sifuentes, Ramon ~ head Industrial technician Landing     Ddawn
Sigomal Lord Holder (after Sifer) Bitra      WD, AW
Silan runner, brother to Tenna Station 97, Keroon     Run
Silfar apprentice archivist (under Master Esselin) Landing     AW
Silga * rider, Weyrwoman Image. Igen Weyr. Brixth   M
Silga candidate ?;Image. Benden Weyr.     AW
Silma * 6th child to Tolocamp, sister to Nerilka Fort     N
Silon a child Image. Benden Weyr.     Dq
Silton Smithcraft Smithcraft Hall, Telgar; Landing     AW
Silvina Lorra's daughter; headwoman, mother of Camo Harper Hall, Fort     Run, Dq, WD, Ds2, Dd, MH
Silvrath dragon, rider unknown Eastern Weyr Silvrath   AW
Sim * Nerilka's personal drudge Fort     M, N
Sira * aunt in charge of Weaving Fort     N
Sirrie healer Harper Hall; Fort     MH
Sitta pert girl High Reaches     MH
Snel * Healer Greenfields     M
Sograny Masterherdsman Keroon     Dq
Sontie a boy Nerat border     MH
Soover * smallholder South Boll     M
Sopers, AC ~ Xeno-biology Xanadu     Ddawn
Soreel wife of the First Holder Half-Circle Sea, Benden     Ds1
Sousmal 3rd son of Sigomal; temporary Lord Holder Bitra     AW
Spacia runner Station 300, Fort     Run
Squealer * runnerbeast Ruatha     M, N
St John, Persis ~ pediatrician Landing     Ddawn
Stein, Sabra ~ musician, spouse Ongola     Fancy Ddawn
Stolla headwoman Image. Benden Weyr.     MH
Stone, Fulmar Flight Officer, head of team to service shuttlecraft & Admiral's gig Mariposa Landing
Struan dorm-mate; Fort Harper Harper Hall; Fort     MH
Strud Journeyman harper Harper Hall, Fort; Seahold, Igen River     Ds2
Sturt, Arkady ~ unknown       Ddawn
Sucho Fort holder Fort     MH
Sufur * Masterherdsman Keroon     M
Suriana * wife of Alessan, died from fall off her wild runnerbeast; Nerilka's fostersister Misty Hold; Ruatha     M, N
Swacky forester, troopleader of 1 of Asgenar's roving troops Far Cry, Lemos; Paradise River     Ren, AW
Swann, Patsy ~ dead from Thread       Ddawn

* = from ancient times - Sixth Pass
~ = The Ancients, original settlers of Pern
OAA = Out and About, generally refers to a Trader's Train
ECC = Exploration & Evaluation team that surveyed PERN

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