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Heading. Perndex.

Index to the people, dragons, and other "characters" of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Note: All Locations are Holds except where indicated.

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Name Rank/
Location Dragon Firelizard/
L'bol * rider, Weyrleader Image. Igen Weyr. Timenth   M
L'mal * rider (deceased), previous Weyrleader Image. Fort Weyr. Clinnith   M
L'rad rider, F'lar's wing Image. Benden Weyr. ?   Df
L'rayl * rider Image. Fort Weyr. Sorth   M
L'tol rider (see Lytol, Lytonal) Image. Benden Weyr. Larth (dies)   Df, Dq, MH
L'trel rider, father of Mirrim (Southern Weyr)   Falgrenth   Dq
L'vin * rider Image. Benden Weyr. Jith   M
L'zal rider a weyr Beerth   AW
Laela a woman South Boll     MH
Landon 2nd son Halibran Ista     MH
Lao, Shih ~ rider Landing; Image. Fort Weyr. Firth   Ddawn
Larad Lord Holder; spouse Dulsay, Jissamy; son Tarathel; older sibling Thella; fosterbrother Asgenar Telgar   queen / green ? Df, Dq, Ren, AW, MH
Laradian oldest son of Larad Telgar     AW
Larna Carola's daughter Image. Benden Weyr.     MH
Larr, Ban ~ unknown Boca Stake     Ddawn
Laudey Lord Holder, spouse Doris Igen     Dq, Dd, Ren, AW
Lear dorm-mate Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Leef * Lord Holder (deceased), father of Alessan Ruatha     M, N
Lemos, Bart ~ pilot, Yokohama skeleton crew; mining skills Yukon/Drake's Lake     Ddawn, AW
Lemsia daughter of Sebell & Menolly, brothers Robse & Olos Harper Hall, Fort     AW
Lensdale ~ unknown       Ddawn
Leri * rider, retired Weyrwoman Image. Fort Weyr. Holth   M, N
Lessa Kale's daughter, "drudge", rider, senior Weyrwoman, mother of F'lessan Ruatha;Image. Benden Weyr. Ramoth Df, Dq,WD, Ds1, Ds2, Dd, Ren, AW, MH
Lesseldon Lord Holder Crom     MH
Levalla * rider, Weyrwoman Image. Benden Weyr. Oribeth   M
Lexey slow child Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Libby Kubisa's daughter Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Lidith Queen dragon before Nemorth, rider unknown Image. Benden Weyr. Lidith   Dq
Lidora * rider, Weyrwoman Image. Fort Weyr. Ilith   M, N
Lieb, Valli ~ geologist       Ddawn
Ligand Journeyman tanner; Master Fort     Run, Ds2, AW
Lilienkamp Jnr, Joel ~ son of Joel Lilienkamp        
Lilienkamp, Joel ~ surface co-ordinator; stores manager (Supply Officer); 2 sons (1 is Joel) Landing     Ddawn, AW
Lilla * 18th child of Tolocamp, sister Nerilka, twin Nia Fort     N
Lisath dragon Image. Benden Weyr. Lisath   AW
Lissala seawoman Wave Rider     MH
Litorth bronze dragon, rider unknown a weyr Litorth   AW
Liu, Mi Tan ~ nexialist; ECC team member; other members Shavva bint Faround & Ben Turnien PERN     C1a
Lobirn MasterHarper High Reaches     MH
Logorides, Alexi ~ father Gyorgy Thessaly   3 firelizrds Ddawn
Logorides, Calusa ~ father Gyorgy Thessaly     Ddawn
Logorides, Gyorgy ~ pilot Bahrain; children Calusa & Alexi Thessaly     Ddawn
Logorides, Paul ~ rider Landing; Image. Fort Weyr. brown   Ddawn
Londik treble apprentice Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Loreana * Healer Bay Head     M
Lorenzo, Bahka ~ unknown Sadrid, Macedonia Province     Ddawn
Lorenzo, Egend ~ unknown Sadrid, Macedonia Province     Ddawn
Lorenzo, Jiva ~ unknown Sadrid, Macedonia Province     Ddawn
Lorenzo, Ware ~ musician Sadrid, Macedonia Province     Ddawn
Lorra headwoman Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Losacot Masterfarmer Landing     AW
Lotricia Lobirn's spouse High Reaches     MH
Lottie ~ bottlenosed dolphin Monaco Bay   Lottie Ddawn
Lucil * aunt in charge of Nursery Fort     N
Lytol Journeyman weaver; Weaverhall master; Lord Warder for underage Jaxom High Reaches; Ruatha Larth (dies)   Df, Dq, WD, Ren, AW, MH
Lytonal ex-harper, rider Image. Benden Weyr. Larth (dies)   Dq, MH

* = from ancient times - Sixth Pass
~ = The Ancients, original settlers of Pern
OAA = Out and About, generally refers to a Trader's Train
ECC = Exploration & Evaluation team that surveyed PERN

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