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Heading. Perndex.

Index to the people, dragons, and other "characters" of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Note: All Locations are Holds except where indicated.

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Name Rank/
Location Dragon Firelizard/
J'lono rider Honshu Benmeth   AW
J'ralt rider Image. Benden Weyr. Palanth   Dq
Jallora * Journeywoman healer; Weyrhealer Healer Hall, Fort;Image. Fort Weyr.     M, N
Janara a child, daughter of Jayge & Aramina Paradise River     Ren
Jancis Smith Journeywoman mechanic; Mastersmith; granddaughter to Fandarel, spouse Piemur Smithcrafthall, Telgar; Landing   Ting Ren, AW
Jarlath dragon Eastern Weyr Jarlath   AW
Jarrol oldest son of Sharra & Jaxom Ruatha     Ren, AW
Jassap fosterling Benden     Ren
Jaxom rider, Lord Holder (underage); student at Smith & Harper Halls Ruatha Ruth   Df, Dq, WD, Ren, AW
Jayge Lilcamp trader, kin in South Boll, spouse Aramina, sire to Readis, Aranya, Janara, Anskono OAA; Paradise River   b/n J & A: 2 queens, 3 br Ren, AW
Jenfa 2nd wife of Crenden Kimmage, Lemos; OAA     Ren
Jepson, Arnold ~ older brother to Ben & Bob (Sorka's age) Mexico     Ddawn
Jepson, Ben ~ twin Bob (Brian Hanrahan's age), died fighting thread - air-sled crash Landing     Ddawn
Jepson, Bob ~ twin Ben (Brian Hanrahan's age), died fighting thread - air-sled crash Landing     Ddawn
Jepson, Elizabeth ~ mother of Arnold, Ben & Bob Landing     Ddawn
Jeralte weyrlad, see J'ralt Image. Benden Weyr.     Dq
Jerint Craftmaster for instruments Harper Hall, Fort     Dq, Ds2, Dd, MH
Jesken weyr lad Image. Benden Weyr.     MH
Jess * 9th son to Tolocamp, sibling Nerilka Fort     N
Jessuan a lad? Harper Hall, Fort     Ds2
Jez beastholder Ruatha     MH
Jissamy Lady Holder, spouse Larad Telgar     AW
Joe ~ unknown       Ddawn
Jonno weyr lad Image. Benden Weyr.     MH
Jora rider, Weyrwoman preceding Lessa Image. Benden Weyr. Nemorth   Df, Dq, MH
Jorgensen, Bob ~ died from Thread, mother Simone       Ddawn
Jorgensen, Simone ~ mother of Bob       Ddawn
Jurana Lady Holder Tillek     MH

* = from ancient times - Sixth Pass
~ = The Ancients, original settlers of Pern
OAA = Out and About, generally refers to a Trader's Train
ECC = Exploration & Evaluation team that surveyed PERN

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