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Index to the people, dragons, and other "characters" of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Note: All Locations are Holds except where indicated.

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Name Rank/
Location Dragon Firelizard/
H'ages Wingsecond Image. Telgar Weyr. Kerth   Dq
H'grave * rider Image. Benden Weyr. Hallath   M
H'nalt rider, Weyrlingmaster Image. Fort Weyr.     AW
Halanna alto student Ista     MH
Halfor hireling, Robinton's abductor Ruatha     AW
Halibran Halanna's father Ista     MH
Haligon son of Groghe; twin Horon Fort     Run
Hamian Mastersmith, brother to Toric & Sharra Smithcrafthall, Telgar; Andiyar's Stake in Dorado, Southern     Ren, AW
Hamil, Barr ~ copilot to Sallah (Eujisan), spouse Jessup, 5 children (2 sets of twins) Cardiff, Jordan Province     Ddawn
Hamil, Jessup ~ spouse Barr; 5 children (2 sets of twins) Cardiff, Jordan Province     Ddawn
Hanrahan, Brian ~ son of Red & Mairi, sister Sorka Landing     Ddawn
Hanrahan, Mairi ~ spouse of Red, child carer; children Brian and Sorka Landing     Ddawn
Hanrahan, Red ~ aka Peter Oliver Plunkett Hanrahan; spouse Mairi; veterinary surgeon; children Brian and Sorka Landing     Ddawn
Hanrahan, Sorka ~ daughter of Red & Mairi; spouse Sean Connell, son Michael Killarney Site; Image. Fort Weyr. Faranth Duke, Emmett, [BRONZ Ddawn, AW
Harkenon, Bay ~ micro-biologist (Red's team) Landing   Mariah Ddawn
Haura * rider, Weyrwoman Image. Fort Weyr. Werth   M, N
Havers, Chuck ~ zoologist; spouse Sue O'Hara Calusa     Ddawn
Hayara Lady Holder Benden     MH
Hayon 1st son Hayara Benden     MH
Hedelman guard to Aramina Benden     Ren
Hegelman, Bernard ~ vintner       Ddawn
Hegelman, Eric ~ sailor aboard Perseus, father Bernard Hegelman Perseus     Ddawn
Hegelman, Otto ~ rider, Sean's wing Landing; Image. Fort Weyr. Shoth   Ddawn
Helly * race rider Ruatha     M
Hempenstall, Aisling ~ unknown Bordeaux     Ddawn
Hempenstall, Pat ~ botanist Bordeaux     Ddawn
Hittet blood relation of Meron Nabol     Dd
Holstroms ~ died from Thread Amsterdam Stake     Ddawn
Horon son of Lord Groghe, fostered at Ruatha;
twin Haligon
Fort     Run, Dq, WD

* = from ancient times - Sixth Pass
~ = The Ancients, original settlers of Pern
OAA = Out and About, generally refers to a Trader's Train
ECC = Exploration & Evaluation team that surveyed PERN

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