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Index to the people, dragons, and other "characters" of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Note: All Locations are Holds except where indicated.

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Name Rank/
Location Dragon Firelizard/
D'clan rider Eastern Weyr Pranith   AW
D'fio rider Image. Fort Weyr. Drenth   WD
D'ltan * rider, weyrling Image. Fort Weyr.     M
D'namal rider, dragon died Image. Benden Weyr. dragon   Ds1
D'nek rider Image. Fort Weyr. Zagenth   Dq
D'nol rider Image. Benden Weyr. Valenth   Df, Dq
D'ram rider, Oldtimer Weyrleader Image. Ista Weyr.; Southern Weyr; Cove Tiroth   Df, Dq, WD, Ren, AW
D'say * rider, wingleader Image. Igen Weyr. Kritith   M
D'wer rider Image. Benden Weyr. Trebith   Dq
Dag * Chief runnerbeast handler Ruatha     M, N
Dalma trader Sev's train     MH
Dalova * rider, Weyrwoman Image. Igen Weyr. Perforth   M
Dangel * brother to Alessan Ruatha     M
Dannell * candidate from a minehold Bitra Minehall; Image. Benden Weyr.     M
Dar, Eba ~ team leader, agronomist Landing     Ddawn
de Broglie, Patrice ~ volcanologist/geologist Landing     Ddawn
de Courci, Pierre ~ head Caterer of Landing Landing     Ddawn
de Poer, Sasha ~ dragon rider candidate Landing     Ddawn
Deckter carter; grand-nephew of Meron; Lord Holder
(after Fax, Meron)
Nabol     Dd, AW
Declan * candidate Image. Fort Weyr.     M
Deece Journeyman harper; assistant to Bantur Harper Hall, Fort; Igen     Ds2, Dd
Deefer * warden / holder Ruatha     M, N
Deegan apprentice archivist to Esselin Landing   bronze AW
Deelan milkmother to Jaxom Ruatha   green Dq, WD
Delfie runner Station 300, Fort     Run
Denol foreman of crop pickers South Boll; Great Lake, Southern     Ren, AW
Derabal minor holder, suitor to Thella Hilltop Hold, Telgar     Ren
Dermently Journeyman harper, scrivenor/archivist; assistant to Wansor Harper Hall, Fort; Smithcrafthall, Telgar     WD, Ds2
Desdra * Journeywoman healer, studying for Masters Healer Hall, Fort     M, N
Dextra * runner       M
Diatis *Lord Holder Tillek     M
Dimnal * runner       M
Diona * rider, Weyrwoman Image. High Reaches Weyr. Kilanath   M
Dirzan Journeyman drummer Harper Hall, Fort     Dd
Disana Lady Holder Far Cry, Lemos     Ren
Domick Craftmaster composer Harper Hall, Fort     Dq, Ds2, Dd, Ren, AW, MH
Donkin tenor singer Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Dook, Mar ~ head Agronomist Landing     Ddawn
Doral * 4th son of Tolocamp, sibling to Nerilka Fort     N
Doris Lady Holder, spouse Laudey Igen     Ren
Dorse milkbrother to Jaxom; Sharra's guard Ruatha; Southern     Dq, WD, Ren
Dowell mountain cotholder, Master Woodjoiner, spouse Barla Ruatha; Igen Caves, Igen; Ruatha     Ren, AW
Doyle, Mercy ~ musician       Ddawn
Drevalla a child Benden Hold     MH
Du Vieuz ~ died by Thread Amsterdam Stake     Ddawn
Du Vieuz, Arvi ~ botanist, died by Thread Amsterdam Stake     Ddawn
Duff, Bill ~ zoologist Ierne Island     Ddawn
Duff, Cherry ~ General; oldest Charterer & pro-tem colony magistrate, official historian, colony librarian Landing     Ddawn
Duff, Evvie ~ Fall ground crew Landing; Seminole Stake     Ddawn
Duff, Kathy ~ rider Landing; Image. Fort Weyr. queen queen Ddawn
Duff-Vassaloe, Carol ~ spouse Bill Duff Mexico     Ddawn
Dugall spouse Segoina South Boll     MH
Dulkan Journeyman Harper Landing     AW
Dulsay Lady Holder, spouse Larad Telgar   bronze Ren
Dunca cot-holder, gir's cottage Harper Hall, Fort     Dq, Ds2
Dunegrine * Master harper Harper Hall, Fort     N
Duquesnes ~ died by Thread Bavaria     Ddawn
Durack healer Landing     AW
Dushick guard, brawler; 1 of Thella's raiders Tillek; holdless     Ren

* = from ancient times - Sixth Pass
~ = The Ancients, original settlers of Pern
OAA = Out and About, generally refers to a Trader's Train
ECC = Exploration & Evaluation team that surveyed PERN

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