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Index to the people, dragons, and other "characters" of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Note: All Locations are Holds except where indicated.

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Name Rank/
Location Dragon Firelizard/
A'dan * rider Image. Fort Weyr. T'grath   M
A'murry * rider Image. Igen Weyr. Granth   M
A'ton rider; third son of Larad Image. Telgar Weyr. watchdragon   Ren
AIVAS ~ Artificial Intelligence Voice Address System, Mark 47A Landing     WD, Ren, AW, C1c
Abuna Kitchenhead Harper Hall, Fort     Ds2
Adessa Lady Holder, Lessa's mother Ruatha     MH
Adjai, Ju ~ plastics, spouse Paul Benden; glow basket developer Boca River Stake; Fort     Ddawn, C1b, C1c
Adrea rider, senior Weyrwoman, weyrmate K'van Greystone, Nerat; Image. Benden Weyr.; Southern Weyr Beljeth   Ren, AW, Dol
Agust voice trainer Harper Hall, Fort     MH
Akamoto, Jiro ~ Eujisan co-pilot Landing     Ddawn
Alda younger sister to Jayge Kimmage; Lemos; OAA     Ren
Alemi 3rd of Seaholder's 6 sons; Master Fishman Half-Circle Sea, Benden; Paradis River   Tork Ds1, Ds2, Ren, AW
Alessan * Lord Holder, sister Oklina, son of Leef Ruatha     M, N
Aleta ~ bottlenosed dolphin Monaco Bay   Aleta C1b
Alhinwa, Cobber ~ miner, geologist Drake's Lake     Ddawn, C1c, C1d
Alianne ~ rider, died in childbirth Image. Fort Weyr. Chereth   C1c
Alun ~ grandson of Stev Kimmer Honshu     C1e
Amadeus ~ bottlenosed dolphin, Teresa's pod Monaco Bay   Amadeus C1b
Amalath ~ queen dragon, rider unknown Image. Fort Weyr. Amalath   C1d
Amania student Harper Hall, Fort     Ds2
Amilla * sister to Nerilka Fort     N
Ampris Masterhealer, herbalist Healer Hall, Fort     AW
Anama Vincet's second daughter Nerat     Ren
Anchoram holder Plains Hold, Lemos     Ren
Andemon Masterfarmer Nerat     Df, Dq, WD, AW
Ander fosterling Benden     Ren
Andiyar, Tarvi ~ geologist, head of Mine Engineering; became known as Telgar in memory of Sallah's sacrifice, spouse Sallah Telgar; founder of Telgar Karachi Camp; Fort; Telgar     Ddawn, Ren, AW, C1d, C1e
Andriades, Akis ~ general practitioner, plays flute; spouse Kolya Logorides; father Tim Fort; Ruatha     C1c
Andriades, Tim ~ Musician, son Akis Landing     Ddawn, C1c
Anella *Tolocamp's second wife, after Pendra Fort     N
Anskono baby brother to Readis Paradise River     Dol
Anta a child Benden     MH
Aphro ~ bottlenosed dolphin Monaco Bay   Aphro C1b
Aramina Lady Holder, can hear all dragons, spouse
Jayge, children Readis, Aranya, Anskono;
parents Dowell & Barla, brother Pell
Ruatha; Igen caves, Igen;Image. Benden Weyr.; Paradise River     Ren, AW, Dol
Aranya daughter of Jayge & Aramina Paradise River     Ren, AW, Dol
Armald 1 of eldest sons of Borgald OAA     Ren
Arna ~ queenrider Image. Telgar Weyr. queen   C1d
Arnor Craftmaster scrivenor/archivist Harper Hall,  Fort     Dq, WD, Ds2, Dd, Ren, AW
Arthied, Ali ~ apprentice engineer, Red's fosterling Fort; Ruatha     C1c
Arthied, Desi ~ co-ordinator of Debarkation on the Yokohama; second in command to Joel Lilienkamp; spouse Emily Landing; Paradise River     Ddawn. C1b
Arthied, Emily ~ spouse Desi Paradise River     Ddawn
Arthied, Emthal ~ Engineer leader Landing     Ddawn
Asgenar Lord Holder (after Gedenase), fosterbrother Larad, spouse Famira Lemos   Rial  Dq, WD, Ren, AW
Ashmichel ex-Lord Holder Ruatha     MH
Asturias, Sevvie ~ palaeontologist, medic, dead prior to PERN (Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible) survey ECC     C1a
Athpathis ~ rice agronomist Sadrid, Macedonia Province     Ddawn
Atlanta ~ dolphin calf, mother Carolina Monaco Bay   Atlanta C1b
Audiva student Harper Hall, Fort     Ds2
Auster, Louise ~ medic --     Ddawn

* = from ancient times - Sixth Pass
~ = The Ancients, original settlers of Pern
OAA = Out and About, generally refers to a Trader's Train
ECC = Exploration & Evaluation team that surveyed PERN

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